Janine Edgerton-Avin


Ask Janine about: working abroad, the United Nations, international business, finding meaningful work. Industry: Tech | Project Management | Logistics. Role: Commercial Project Manager, Android | Google

Industry: Tech | Project Management | Logistics

Role: Commercial Project Manager, Android | Google

Janine grew up on a small island in Canada and always wanted to see the world. Following this desire, she has built a career in international business, making large, hard projects happen. She has worked on projects worth billions of dollars that affected hundreds of millions of lives.

She started out on a project building a gold mine in the Caribbean, where she helped the mining company purchase machines and building materials to build a processing plant.

Next, she worked for the United Nations in Yemen buying millions of dollars worth of wheat and flour, and helping her colleagues to deliver it to those in need. She then moved to Egypt and Tunisia and rented warehouses and organized trucks to get food, tents, medicine and other supplies to those in need during the Arab Spring in North Africa.

She moved to London and spent some time advising British companies on how to export goods, then started working at Google where she helped Google navigate the legal challenges of building the infrastructure of the internet in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Janine now spends her time with Google engineers, tax specialists, accountants, lawyers and sales people, getting them to work together so you can buy apps, games, books and content from the Google Play store.

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