Jonathan Schwarz


Industry: Tech | Research

Role: Research Scientist, DeepMind

Talk to Jonathan about AI, working at Google, the things you can do now to fulfil your career dreams, and what working as a scientist looks like.

Jonathan Schwarz is a Research Scientist at DeepMind, a company dedicated to building artificial intelligence and using it to solve some of the world’s most important problems.

At DeepMind, he has been interested in building algorithms that can learn from a stream of increasingly more complex problems, similar to how we learn skills as children. Eventually, his goal is to create an AI that can rapidly learn on completely new problems, allowing us to collaboratively work with algorithms: For instance in deciding how to respond to a global pandemic, helping with manual labour or finding new strategies for ancient board games. His work has been published at several internationally renowned scientific conferences and journals.

Prior to joining DeepMind, Jonathan was a PhD Student in AI and Neuroscience at UCL, but also worked on autonomous robots in Germany and climate research in Japan. He graduated top of the class from his Master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. In his free time he enjoys long distance runs, playing the piano and cooking. He’s been a supporter of Arsenal FC since his childhood.


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