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Warner Bros. Apprenticeship Opportunities

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Applications for these two Warner Bros. apprenticeships placements are now closed. If it’s the kind of role you are looking for, keep an eye on their site as they open up their apprenticeships intake at least twice a year.

Warner Bros. Apprenticeships

Warner Bros. is an internationally recognised entertainment company responsible for some of the largest film franchises.

If you’re looking for an alternative to University with a qualification to match… A Warner Bros. apprenticeship could be the perfect opportunity for you!

And they are offering Apprentice Nation two positions to apply for, each with a minimum of three interview places reserved for Apprentice Nation participants, i.e. Did an Action Day: Got a Ticket to see 6LACK

The deadline for these two opportunities has closed.

Placement 1: UK Publicity Apprentice

Location: London, United Kingdom
Qualification: Public Relations Level 4 qualification
Duration: 18-month contract starting July 2019
Closing date: Closed
Interview places available to AN Participants: THREE

Placement 2: Marketing & PR Apprentice

Location: London, United Kingdom
Qualification: Digital Marketing Level 3 qualification
Duration: 18 month contract starting July 2019
Closing date: Closed
Interview places available to AN Participants: THREE

Discover more about Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. released its’ first motion picture more than 90 years ago and is now a recognised leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of theatrical motion pictures, television programming, games, video/DVD and related products around the world.

The UK Theatrical Distribution division coordinates the sales and distribution of Warner Bros. films throughout the UK and Ireland. This involves creating and implementing release strategies on each release, while supervising the actual releases and results, tracking business trends and opportunities and reporting to the US home office.

The Warner Home Entertainment Group is the No. 1 studio for entertainment distribution in the UK. It continually strives to create and maintain a best in class marketing function with an emphasis on the lifetime value of WB content.

Meet an apprentice from Warner Bros.

Hi, I am Rebecca, and I’m the international licensee team assistant apprentice here at Warner Bros.

What does your job involve?  What kind of things do you do as part of your job?

As Team assistant day to day tasks fluctuate. I am responsible for several projects ranging from weekly iTunes store checks to events organisation everything as well as everything in between. I have my hands in several projects which not only keeps me busy but allows me to see and understand many aspects of the business.

Tell us why you picked an apprenticeship as the best way to develop your career.

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I believed it would give me both insight into the working world and practical experience, all while allowing me to study and work towards a qualification.

Why is Warner Bros. the right place to kickstart your career?

With over 90 interns and apprentices, Warner is committed to ensuring the young people who work here are provided with the right support and skill set kickstart their career in whatever direction they are heading.

What is the culture like at Warner Bros.?

Warner has over 90 interns and apprentices.  They are committed to ensuring that all apprentices have a comfortable working environment which allows them to develop and grow.

Tell us about some of the perks to working at Warner Bros.

There are loads of perks of working for WB; we have staff screenings any time a new WB film is released. We get copies of the DVD’s/Blu-rays when they come out on Home entertainment too.  If tickets are going spare there is the opportunity to go to film premieres, and there’s always pop up events both on-site and around London to attend.

How have you developed your skills through your apprenticeship?

I have always considered myself to be a confident and outgoing person, but since working here, it’s been put to the test. I am continually meeting new people most of whom are senior to me. Despite being naturally very confident, I have really learnt how to present myself in a professional environment to ensure I  leave a lasting impression on people.

How have you grown as a person through your Warner Bros. apprenticeship?

I’ve defiantly grown as a person during my time here at Warner. I’ve matured a lot in my time here (despite what my mum might say), and I’ve learnt a lot about myself by constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve overcome?

Generally, for me, the biggest challenge has been adapting to an office/working environment. Coming from the sixth form to working a full-time job feels like a significant change in the beginning, but everyone at Warner helps make the transition comfortable and enjoyable.

What skills have you learned?

It has allowed me to fully understand how to use programs such as Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint. This apprenticeship has allowed me to fully understand how businesses run and operate on both a national and international level.

What have you found most surprising about your time at Warner Bros.?

The thing that surprised me most about working was how calm everyone was. Before I started, I had this image in my head of everyone running around like headless chickens the devil wears Prada style. Once I got here, I quickly learned it was the total opposite. Everyone is happy to sit down and explain things to you, and you’re not expected to know everything on day one or even 100 days in.

Your one piece of advice for an aspiring apprentice.

Be yourself! When applying for an apprenticeship, companies are aware that you don’t have years of experience under your belt, nor do they expect you to! The purpose of an apprenticeship is to learn, so if you’re willing to learn and take on new challenges then you’ll be just fine!

Where do you want to take this experience?

In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure what I want to do once my apprenticeship is complete.  However, I have full confidence that I will be well supported and equipped wherever my career takes me in the future because of my time here at Warner Bros.

Rebecca that international licensee team assistant apprentice at Warner Bros.

Rebecca that international licensee team assistant apprentice at Warner Bros.

What next?

The Warner Bros. apprenticeships platform is not currently recruiting but keep an eye on their site as they will be looking again sometime soon.


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