We are WhiteHat and we’ve teamed up with Apprentice Nation to help build an outstanding alternative to university. Read on to find out what we’re about and why we’re supporting Apprentice Nation.

What we do and why we do it

WhiteHat is a tech startup democratising access to the best careers. We built WhiteHat because of a lack of opportunities for young people.  Because of a one-size-fits-all education system.  Because businesses find it too hard to find good people and good people find it too hard to find businesses.

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We built WhiteHat to disrupt.  We built it because a university library isn’t necessarily the place to learn to code.  Because three years in lecture theatres won’t teach you about tech that doesn’t exist yet.  Because we’re losing too many talented young people who don’t choose uni.  Or uni doesn’t choose them.

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So we’re building an outstanding alternative to university to create a diverse group of future leaders.

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How does WhiteHat work for young people?

We match non-grad talent with apprenticeships at some of the UK’s most exciting companies including Google, Warner Bros., BP and Burberry.  We do this in a completely new way. Rather than CVs, we ask young people to complete a digital profile which allows us to ‘smart match’ them to the perfect job.  We then deliver world-class training with each apprentice assigned a personal coach.

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Throughout their qualification, WhiteHat apprentices enjoy community, personal, and professional development opportunities to ensure they don’t miss out on the social capital often gained through universities.  WhiteHat apprentices get paid a fair salary while pursuing their qualifications in Digital Marketing, IT, Business Administration, Software Engineering and more.  After around eighteen months they’ll come out with invaluable real-world experience, a respected qualification and zero university debt.

Why now?

A persistent trend we’re seeing in the UK industry is businesses dropping the degree requirement for entry-level roles.  This is a transformative and hugely exciting change. Many of the most aspirational jobs are now equally open to graduates and non-graduates alike!

The problem is that this shift hasn’t been felt or fully recognised by schools, parents, and other influencers, causing far too many young people to feel pressured into a ‘university or bust’ route.  That’s where changing perceptions comes in.

We wanted a revolutionary way of provoking a tectonic shift in perceptions around apprenticeships. These aren’t hard hat and overalls apprenticeships. These are high fashion, high quality, high tech apprenticeships that will lay the groundwork for leading in the boardrooms of tomorrow.  RockCorps is the best in the business at changing perceptions. So who better for WhiteHat to partner with to deliver Apprentice Nation?

Gigs with purpose

The right intervention at the right time can turn your life around.  That’s the premise of Apprentice Nation and that’s the lesson of headline act 6LACK’s life.  In his case, it was the intervention of his record label that kickstarted his career and spurred him on from homelessness to Grammy nomination.

WhiteHat and Apprentice Nation hope to use music to deliver a similar intervention to thousands of young people in London.  Apprenticeships have huge potential for social mobility and for creating a diverse group of future leaders. We hope that attendees of the Apprentice Nation Action Days and the gig itself will become pioneers of a brand new way of launching their careers.   


To find out more about Apprentice Nation and how you can get involved, explore the website and follow the social spaces listed below.

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