Matt Mason / 17th April 2019

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The GO FAR hub within the Apprentice Nation website is now open and ready for business.

The hub has three sections designed to help you find and secure the career you really want.  Within each section, we share links to companies and resources that we believe to amongst the best.  They’re there to help, guide and inform your next decisions when it comes to your career.

Go Far: Careers

This section is all about searching for and finding the career you really want.   We’ve corralled a collective of awesome companies that specialise in this area.

From WhiteHat who kickstart young people’s careers with some of the biggest and best companies in the UK – all with outstanding apprentice opportunities.  To GetMyFirstJob who provide a search tool to help get you on the right track faster.

Go Far: Training

Here, you’ll find a wealth of training links.  From general interest tips and quizzes to help you identify the right path.  To career specific guidance on how to break into the industry, you want to work in. For example, in the digital section, we feature Googles Digital Garage – a fantastic collection of free training tools.

And if you think we’re missing something, leave a comment below and we’ll get on it.

Go Far: Feature Roles

In this section, we feature live roles from our brand partners.  Pick the role you’re interested in and hear from an Apprentice that already works at that company.  It what you read grabs your interest, click on the link and apply directly to where the opportunity is being hosted.

And what’s more, if you do an Action Day, many of the roles featured offer a number of interview places to Apprentice Nation Action Day participants.  That could be just the ticket to getting your foot in the door.

Talking of tickets

The Apprentice Nation Gig poster with 6LACK

Come and join us for an Apprentice Nation Action day and – not only do you get potential interview opportunities – you’ll also get a ticket to see 6LACK on 16 May in London.

At an Action Day, which are taking place across London up to 16 May, you’ll get the chance to:

–    Fine tune your skills with advice and tips to help you land the career you want

–    Network with some of the hottest companies and employees that deliver apprentice programmes

–    Feel good with a team social action project that makes a positive difference.

Check out the website to find out more.

Do an Action Day: Get a Ticket!

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