LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, helping you connect with the best new opportunities, build a strong personal brand, and jump into any industry.

3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute, with 87% of recruiters regularly using the platform to reach out to candidates.

Sounds pretty good right? So how can you take advantage of the platform to reach your career goals?

Your LinkedIn profile is where it starts. 

Lisanne Den Admirant from LinkedIn Learning talked to Skills Leader Roxanne in the Quick Set ‘Making Your LinkedIn Profile POP!

“See LinkedIn as your business card… Where is it you actually want to be? Create a profile around that”

Read on for some quick tips inspired by Skills Leader and Depop’s Recruitment Coordinator Roxanne to get started on presenting your best self on LinkedIn for whatever career goals you’re working towards:

1) Start with your headline: First impressions are everything

Pick a profile picture that represents you best. You don’t need a professional photographer to stand out from the crowd – dress for the role (business casual is a go-to if you’re not sure!) and make sure there’s nothing in the background to distract people from the most important thing: you!

Plus, add to your personal brand with a simple header photo.

Your headline intro will be the first thing employers see, so it’s important to tell them what you can bring to their company. If you’re currently in a role, clearly state what you do. If you’re looking to try something new, make good use of keywords around your ideal role. Studying or just finished school? Here’s a good example of how to stand out with minimal experience.

“Aspiring Digital Marketer | Seeking entry-level social media position | Experience with growing brands and creating engaging content”

Finally, your LinkedIn profile summary is what gets recruiters reading more. It’s the text box at the top of your LinkedIn profile, just below your photo, where you give an overview of your professional life. Give some time to making sure your voice, passions, goals and accomplishments are presented here in a short paragraph. Read more on how to craft the perfect summary here.

2) Include all the details, but don’t just import your CV to your profile

The magic of LinkedIn is you can look beyond grades and focus on experience and skills. Highlight yours, including volunteering and awards, with your ideal role and career in mind.

Even with minimal experience, you can shape this section with any responsibilities that will make you stand out. Perhaps you’re on a school committee, or set up your own successful Depop shop or Instagram account. Make the most of this section using keywords and bullet points on your experience – a recruiter will only spend a few minutes on your page!

3) Stay true to you. Follow companies and share posts that show your interests

Over 75 % of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. Follow companies that are close to your interests; not only to build your brand, but to gain industry insights!

The companies you follow also show up on your profile, so show how committed you are to causes and industries.

4) Build your network: They’ll be your biggest cheerleader

Add a message whenever you’re connecting with someone you don’t know directly on LinkedIn, giving them a reason to connect with you in a punchy sentence. If you’re interested in working at a company – it’s as simple as sending a message to get a conversation going!

Engage with posts you like, to build your brand and network. Share your own thoughts and accomplishments in posts to turn up on more people’s timelines.

5) Gain new skills on LinkedIn Learning

Make the most of a free trial for LinkedIn Premium or if you’re currently employed, ask your employer if you can access Premium. You can showcase any completed LinkedIn Learning courses on your profile, as proof you have the skills employers are looking for! Plus, share your thoughts on what you’ve learned by sharing with your peers.

Finally, make sure you add everything you’ve picked up on the Apprentice Nation Skills Hub to your profile and share your experience with your network!

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