It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so we turned to Apprentice Nation artists to find out what they do to get themselves through challenging times, stay mindful and focused.

Get comfy, grab a hot drink, and soak up some mindful inspiration from Ray BLK, RAYE, and IAMDDB.

Whilst it’s true that our mental health can get knocked by unexpected events, there are some ways to protect yourself and stay strong even when the going gets tough.

Ray BLK suggests:

“Don’t judge yourself against other people. I read somewhere that “comparison is the stealer of joy” so just focus on what you have; count your blessings, and see how far you’ve come in whatever it is that you’re doing…. Focus on your own journey and don’t watch the noise.”

And there’s similar advice from Raye,

“Social media has made us all so insular and comparative. So if you’re feeling really bad about that, turn off your phone. I can’t go there when I’m feeling really stressed… When I’m anxious, I’ll read a poem and get in the bath!”

If you are able to reach out to family or friends too, that can really help if you’re going through challenging times.

IAMDDB notices:

“Sometimes you just need your tribe of people with you, just so that you feel more comfortable and you can just relax into the environment… I have my tribe of girls, I have my family. It’s important to be around people that remind you about who you are. I’m guilty of getting lost in my own sauce sometimes!”

IAMDDB admits to not practising meditation as much as she probably should, but she does love a good stretch and a bit of yoga when she has time, especially before she goes on stage:

“It’s important for me, especially just before going on stage, to have the last 50 minutes to myself, where I say my prayers to get the energy straight. I feel it’s just important to give yourself a moment to be present and to empty all that baggage in your mind that gets left over there so you can focus solely on what you’re doing.”

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are lots of resources out there. Visit The Mix or Young Minds for free 24/7 confidential support and resources.