Alex Head

Social Pantry

Ask Alex about all things foodie, and starting and growing your own business. Industry: Food | Entertainment | Entrepreneurship | Social Impact. Role: Founder & CEO, Social Pantry

Industry: Food | Entertainment | Entrepreneurship | Social Impact

Role: Founder & CEO, Social Pantry

Alex Head is the owner of London events and catering company Social Pantry, as well as Social Pantry Café in Battersea.

After being expelled from school at 15 years old, Alex started selling sandwiches off the back of her bike. Today, Alex’s fresh, beautiful food has made her the go-to caterer for celebrity parties – from catering various product launch events by Rihanna and beauty company Nars, to keeping guests nourished at Gigi Hadid’s slumber party.

Social pantry is not only a huge success in its own right but its social responsibility is exemplary. They insure that 10% of their staff are ex-offenders. Helping those being released from prison reintegrate into society by giving them the opportunity to work a full-time job in one of her companies.

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