Alice Tendler


Ask Alice about brands, advertising, her early career in the creative industries and move to corporate life. Director of Brand & Marketing, OVO.

Director of Brand & Marketing, OVO.

Alice started her career in advertising, learning about communications and creative problem-solving for clients ranging from Adidas and Honda to Halifax and Morrisons. She led campaigns on TV and traditional broadcast channels, complex digital projects plus experiential and social.

She then made the move to BT Group, looking at marketing from the other side of the fence and experiencing the transition of moving from an agency of 50 people to a corporate with over 100,000 employees! She leads on strategy for the brands within the Group including BT & EE and purpose-led campaigns like Hope United, working with elite footballers to drive awareness of and fight online abuse in social media.

Outside of work she’s a mum of two with a four and two year-old to keep her on her toes!


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