Edie Kelly

Women's Professional Game

Ask Edie about how to use the social media skills you probably already have but don’t realise to help you get started in a social media career building brands like Lucozade. Role: Senior Social Media Strategist at Lucozade.

Content Manager, Women’s Professional Game at The FA

I know what you’re probably thinking… surely social media isn’t a real job? Well, luckily for me, it is!

I’m Edie, a Senior Social Media Strategist at Lucozade. At Lucozade, I’m in charge of all things social media, from ideating and creating content to digging deeper into the strategy of the different social media platforms and replying to our customer queries to name a few. I’m an avid Sport fan too and that’s how my career started, without me even realising it. I was playing at Surrey County Cricket Club in the Women’s team and saw there was no social media platform for us and just created it myself at 16. No experience, just went with what I knew from being a social media user myself. I quickly realised what worked, what didn’t work and through that was offered a few part-time roles within Cricket. Fast forward to now, I’ve worked with brands, athletes and teams within Football, Formula E, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby & more which all stemmed from me scrolling Twitter in my spare time when I was 15.

There are literally billions of social media users across the world and you’re probably active on around 4/5 different social media platforms and without knowing, are probably a bit of an expert. You know the different features and you know what’s trending already but if you want to know how you can turn that knowledge into a career and help brands understand how they can utilise it for themselves, then this session is for you.

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