Rachelle Ferron


Ask Rachelle about TV production, the Entertainment industry and working with big names.

Industry: Entertainment | TV | Production

Role: Head of Entertainment, Good Morning Britain at ITV

As Head of Entertainment at Good Morning Britain, Rachelle manages a team in securing high-profile guests and exclusives on the UK’s most talked-about breakfast television show.

Rachelle has over 20 years of TV experience as a Producer, Celebrity Booker and senior Manager, successfully leading teams through several re-launches and an ever-changing media landscape.

A strategic and inspiring leader, Rachelle has covered some of the most important news stories of our time, including a global pandemic and the death of Michael Jackson. She has also worked with some of the world’s biggest A-list stars including Madonna, Britney, Sir Elton John and Diddy, whilst helping to launch the careers of Lady Gaga and Rihanna in the UK with their debut Daytime TV appearances.

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