At Apprentice Nation, our mantra is: 

Our Mantra: I'll be what I want

It’s all about self-determination

When you’re making decisions about your career, it’s important you have access – at the tip of your fingertips – to information about all your available options.  You are then better placed to find the right path that helps you realise what YOU want to be.   

Apprentice Nation is on a mission to open up the world of apprenticeships.  As it stands, apprenticeships are not that well represented or understood: there are loads of great opportunities out there.  But it’s sometimes hard to get the right advice or to find the right opportunity and we want to help sort that.

There are thousands of opportunities across nearly any industry you can think of – from TV, radio, and journalism to banking, hospitality and law.  Let us know your interests, and we can suggest or introduce some of the opportunities that may work for you.

How Apprentice Nation works

It’s simple. Do and Action Day: Get a Ticket.

Step 1

Apprentice Nation find some of the best artists out there – like 6LACK – and invite them to do a concert with a purpose in the UK.

Step 2

The concert date is then announced and the only way you can get your ticket is by attending an Action Day.  You can’t buy a ticket and you can’t win a ticket.  You have to do an Action Day – it’s the only way.

Step 3

An Action Day is only 4 hours long.  By the end of which you’ll have networked with businesses, entrepreneurs and business leaders that run some of the best apprenticeship platforms out there.

All the Action Days are reachable by London transport and to find out more about Action Days read our blog post here.

We have limited places, and terms and conditions apply!

Step 4

Then everyone that did an Action Day comes together to celebrate at the gig.

The Apprentice Nation website also keeps you connected to a load of opportunities that may help you land the right role for you. Check out our Go Far section.

The Apprentice Nation logo lit up on stage

Want to get involved?  

How old are you?

Apprentice Nation is for over 16s only.  And ID’s will be checked at the Action Days and at the gig.  We’ve found the most receptive audiences to be 16-23s but if you’ve got a bit more life experience you’re still very welcome to register.

Where do you live?

Our launch gig was in London but we’ll be popping up in other UK locations so keep an eye on our social channels and our website.  Wherever we are, you do have to be able to get to an Action day and to the gig on set dates and times.  If you’re going to struggle with that, wait for a time we’re closer to you. 

What’s your career stage?

Whether you’re in education, currently employed or even looking for a job, the only thing we ask is that you’re open to discovering another way to develop your career path: apprenticeships.

The Apprentice Nation Concert

If you’ve read the Intro to RockCorps blog, you’ll know this isn’t any old gig, and we’re in an awesome London venue.  

The venue this time around is Under The Bridge in West London.

If you’re over 18, it’s like any other gig.  There is security and all the standard gig rules apply like IDs etc.

The one thing that will be different is the electric feeling in the room: everyone in the room has been through the same process and earned their right to celebrate.  And that makes the difference.

The Apprentice Nation Network

This bit’s up to you.  How you choose to engage with Apprentice Nation after the gig is your choice.  We hope you’ll come back to whenever you need to find a new lead.

We aspire to make this a perfect place to start your journey into finding out about apprenticeships.  And we commit to growing that network over time.

What next?

With our first round of events in the bag, click the sign-up button and leave your details and you’ll be the first to know when and where our next round of events will take place – and who’s headlining.

There are also the social spaces, listed below, where you can keep an eye on what’s going on.

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