Before we get to gigs with purpose, if you’re a music lover and enjoy nights out, going to gigs in London and seeing some phenomenal talent you’re in the right place!

Apprentice Nation uses the power of music to kick start conversations about apprenticeships.  You may have heard about apprenticeships, but chances are you know little about them, and you’re not the only one!  

Apprenticeships are a career progression route that can deliver the same successes as University.  They offer paid, valuable work experience and on-the-job training and qualifications up to degree level.

The problem is that not enough young people know about them and we want to help fix that.

So why did we start this blog talking about 6LACK and gigs with purpose?

To help people discover all that apprenticeships have to offer. Apprentice Nation host gigs with world class talent in a top venue: This May, 6LACK came to London for an exclusive Apprentice Nation gig. It was awesome.

If you’re not familiar with 6lack or his sound, we’ve got you covered! You can read about his backstory here.

6LACK's gig with Apprentice Nation in London, May 2019

6LACK’s gig with Apprentice Nation in London, May 2019

Gigs with purpose

And that’s where the purpose comes in.  It’s not just any old gig, but one where everyone in the room can relate to one another because you’ve all taken the same step together.

The only way to get a ticket to the gig is by going to an Action Day. More on Action Days here but there’s one particular feature that brings everyone together, and that’s a little bit of social action on a community project.  Just a couple of hours – and lots of willing hands – not only changes local lives for the better but also creates a shared moment of bonding through accomplishment.  

RockCorps and the power of music

Kelis at a RockCorps gig
Kelis performing at a RockCorps gig

With RockCorps, young people across the world have generated over 750,000 volunteering hours.

From clearing beaches in Fukushima to clearing green spaces in Brooklyn, New York, there are a whole host of projects that have brought young people closer together.  And that connection, that shared purpose, is what makes the gigs that bit more electric and even more celebratory.

Gigs with purpose and the power of music

In partnership with RockCorps, Apprentice Nation is presenting something a little bit different: creating a link between music and apprenticeships.  This is to make sure the right people are at the heart of the movement to discover more about apprenticeships

A hand-picked collection of artists with different genres who have backstories – that inspire, motivate and encourage us – have come together to create a movement.  A movement that brings in young people who love music and who want to find out more about apprenticeships.

Music is a universal language that brings people together.  It moves people by stimulating their brains, improves moods, and stirs up emotions. Here, that same power is encouraging people to take another look at apprenticeships and creating connections capable of kick-starting (or restarting) careers.

This is why it’s called gigs with purpose.  

Making connections

Connections help.  They open doors, give advice and create introductions to other connections.  But they’re hard to make when you’re not connected! Apprentice Nation hopes to open the doors to resources and tools.  It also helps people make connections with those that don’t just know the apprenticeships landscape but live it every day.

There’s more than one road to success and Apprentice Nation highlights apprenticeships to make sure they’re properly considered. The general perception of apprenticeships is that they’re targeted to more industrial roles. While they are hugely important, the fact is that apprenticeships also extend into many industries, from fashion to digital and from marketing to law and many many more.  

You’ve just got to know where to look, and that’s where we want to come in!

What next?

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