What’s your purpose?

It’s a big question. It’s not something that you can search for like your phone and keys. You only know what it looks and feels like once you’ve found it. And even then, your purpose will keep changing and evolving as life goes on.

But it’s really important. Your purpose gets you out of bed. It shapes the things you do, the places you go and the people you meet.

Take Stormzy for example who said: ‘It’s my purpose to shine a light where I can‘ (Time, 2019) . He’s gone on to support young people through university and launched Merky Books; a publishing imprint to support aspiring black writers. 

Jorja Smith also has a strong sense of her purpose: ‘I know what I’m here to do and that’s to write songs‘ (IndieMag, 2018). Knowing this, means Jorja can focus on her art and not be distracted by unwanted opinions or commentaries.

Last month on the Journal Project, we flexed our creative minds to explore purpose in practical ways. The group produced videos, compiled playlists, wrote rhymes and more.

Here’s a peek at what we got up to:

Sarah compiled this playlist My life view in song form – all about the journey of finding purpose:

Playlist about the journey of finding purpose
Created by Sarah Oladele

Malik channeled his purpose into music, by producing this beat themed around global warming and climate change:

Produced by Malik McDonald

Eva wrote this piece of spoken word about her love of language, combining English, French and Spanish:

Poem by Eva Opoku

Millie compiled a playlist of tunes manifesting success and self-love:

Since becoming an apprentice, I have largely noticed my imposter syndrome and identified my purpose in life is to improve myself to improve others. My purpose has become a continual journey of self-development and I have developed a passion of learning new skills. The other week, I had an opportunity to share my advice so far, as an apprentice. Having a level of responsibility makes me feel empowered and purposeful, and because of this I signed up to my apprenticeship providers leadership programme, where I can host events and tailor them to apprenticeship communities to help them unleash their potential.

Let’s ask the question again. What’s your purpose?

Choose a purpose that you’d like to explore. Choose a medium e.g. playlist, poem, music track, creative writing etc. And have fun with it.

We’d love to see what you get up to. Tag us on @AppNationUK on Instagram and @ApprenticeNationUK on Twitter.

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