Let’s be real. With so much change in the world, we’ve got to be kind to ourselves when setting goals.

Sometimes a big ambitious goal can be really motivating. But other times, a small goal, like getting some fresh air every day is actually really big.

Setting the right goals for you means setting yourself up for success. That’s the goals that are helpful to you at this moment in time – not what might look good to others.

Here’s what happened when we asked the Youth Advisors Network: What goals have you set yourself this year?

Setting the mood to smash goals

Millie created a mood board on goal setting:

Emmanuella made this playlist manifesting success and goal-hitting feels:

“I’ve had many different dreams since I was a little lass. Modelling, fashion, lawyer, music & marketing. While I have yet to pick my lane and achieve the levels I would like to be. I have hope and ambition. This is the soundtrack 💞”

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Malik set a goal to push his creative boundaries by learning how drill music is made and producing a track of his own:

Produced by Malik McDonald

Hugh took a leap to get his work out there by entering a competition on metapop.com. Here’s his submission

Helping others get comfortable with goals

Eva talks goals in her latest YouTube video. Check out her channel for all things natural hair!

Devina shared her top tips for setting helpful goals:

Goals to Go Far 🚀

Araba set herself a goal to grow the community on her Instagram page @AbolishPeriodPoverty.

Follow and get involved!

Ciara recently completed a Digital Marketing internship as part of her goal to get more experience and explore what role she’d love to pursue. A few months down the line and Ciara has now secured a Digital Marketing apprenticeship with Sky – congrats Ciara! Check out what she got up to in her work experience:

“One of the tasks I completed was a Doodly to advertise the new product in a visual video format. I had never used this software before, so I was excited to learn about it and get stuck in so quickly!”

Feeling inspired to set yourself a goal?

Your life is multi-dimensional, so pick one area where a practical goal would be helpful right now e.g. home / school / work / personal / social life 🌻🏀

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