Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the route to overcome a challenge in our life is clear. Sometimes it’s hard to see a way out.

But challenges shape us in important ways… strengthened mindset, closer relationships, creative ideas, to name a few.

As Headie One says about looking forward, past his own obstacles and set-backs:

“I won’t really recognise bad outcomes, even in situations where people will look at me like I’m crazy. I always look at the bigger picture.”

We asked our Youth Advisors Network:

What challenge in your life has made you you?

Responses ranged from challenges at school or work to dealing with COVID, from building self-confidence to exploring creative boundaries.

As we do best in the Youth Advisors Network, we told these stories through the mediums of music, graphic design, video and more. Here’s just a taste of what went down…

Overcoming a challenge through helping others

Millie, a Multiverse apprentice shared:

“One of my personal challenges is my mental health and especially during this pandemic I am more aware of other people’s mind-set and their ability to cope mentally. By sending an inspirational quote to my colleagues every morning , I hope it may bring some positivity into their day.”

We think you’re a hero Millie!

Here’s a few of her best quotes to bring some positivity to your week:

Beat the stress 🎵

Malik channeled the stresses and challenges of his school years into this vibezy beat:

Produced by Malik McDonald

Adapting to change

Aqsa, Devina and Caitlin spoke about the effect of COVID on their GCSE and A-Level exams. The school year was cut short. Grades were on the line. Lockdowns are tough.

Caitlin edited a video contrasting audio-clips from the daily news with Snapchat videos of her own life.

She discussed this video, and another short film idea, at a session with Apprentice Nation Mentor, Zoe Stern, who began her career in TV production and now works at Google.

They bounced around some exciting ideas, so watch this space for news of Caitlin’s next steps.

Aqsa reflected on 2020 with this written piece and a list of small and mighty wins she’s going for this year:

Devina shared her story from the challenges of school and exams to landing an apprenticeship at OpenReach:

What challenge have you faced that’s made you the person you are today? Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to get creative and channel that energy into something positive.

We’d love to see what you get up to. Tag us on @AppNationUK on Instagram / @ApprenticeNationUK on Twitter.

Brought to you by the Apprentice Nation Youth Advisors Network, a group of young future-shapers.