Knowing how to find and job and apply is always a challenge, but when there are economic strains across all industries, it may take a few extra steps and some motivation to secure interviews and get yourself the role you deserve.

To support your journey Apprentice Nation has put together some tips, videos and resources that can help you stand out from the crowd!

Finding and applying for jobs online

When it comes to finding a new job or even your first, there’s a few things you can do to make the process a little smoother for yourself. Here’s five tips on how to find a job online:

1. Embrace the journey

Physically write down your goals and keep them in sight for those difficult days.

2. Network. Always.

Join Facebook Groups, reach out to LinkedIn connections, utilise your social network. The perfect role for you may not exist on a job board yet.

3. Do the work

Dedicate set time each day to search, and more importantly set time for breaks away from your screen

4. Experiment with different platforms

Keep track of how they’re working on a master list.

5. Follow up.

Applied for your dream role? Send the hiring manager a message on LinkedIn with your elevator pitch. Arguably just as important, if any interviews don’t lead to a role, reach out for feedback and use it as a learning experience.

Notes from the Apprentice Nation team:

“Test different platforms to see what works for you, and keep organised. Dedicate set time each day to search, I treat my job search like a full time job.”

Jasmine Rose, Head of Learning Innovation

Tips from Marc Allera – CEO of BT’s Consumer Division

Alvin interviews Marc Allera (CEO of BT’s Consumer Division) to find out what his best tips are for applying for jobs online. You can watch the full session here and unlock rewards:

The Pros & Cons of different job platforms

Alvin walks us through the pros and cons of different job platforms including LinkedIn, Indeed, and many more. You can watch the full session here and unlock rewards:

Looking beyond grades on your CV

You know the saying, “your grades do not define you”. Indeed they don’t, which is why it’s important to think outside the box when creating and updating your CV. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Always remember that grades don’t define you.

Keep it honest and keep it real.

2. A CV that showcases your character and highlights your experience is best.

Think about what your unique selling point is.

3. Every activity you have done has amazing transferrable skills that boost your CV.

This can include volunteer work, society involvement, or even hobbies.

4. Get creative

Your CV is your pitch; use it to catch the eye of hiring managers.  Regardless of content,  it’s more likely to be picked up if it is clean, proofread and to-the-point. .

Notes from the Apprentice Nation team:

“Not every application is the same and you won’t always be limited to a traditional CV. Check out platforms like WhiteHat, who instead guide you through creating a profile which creatively showcases what you can bring to an apprenticeship and flags any unique hurdles that you have overcome. ”

Georgina Hewison, Marketing Executive, WhiteHat

Advice from RAYE on making the most of your CV

Roxanne sits down with Raye to talk all things CVs, using social media to your advantage, and how simply being a nice person gets you far.

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