Don’t let misconceptions stop you from making the right choices for you

It’s official! Our Youth Insights Survey, supported by BT* has shown us that a lot of you already know how great an apprenticeship can be to help you shape your career.

67% of respondents said apprenticeships are a good opportunity to get your foot on the career ladder.

52% considered an apprenticeship to be a chance to gain new skills and ultimately help them fulfil their ambitions.

But, there are still so many misconceptions about apprenticeships.

Luckily, Preeti, Devina, Annabel and Amrita are here to share their honest experiences, so that you can feel equipped to make the best choice for you.

Learning on-the-job isn’t the same as “hands-on” learning

Since deciding uni wasn’t the best thing for her, Preeti signed up to Multiverse and landed a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Google. In choosing the right path for her, she’s feeling more confident in herself, she’s building new skills and has made it her mission to help others struggling with direction or self-belief. 

“Many people have misconceptions about apprenticeships and think they’re only for people that fail their exams – which is simply not true. These days you can also do a degree apprenticeship. Ultimately, I know that I’m a practical learner and that I’m happier learning on the job.”

Annabel, who also secured her Business Administration Apprenticeship at New Schools Network through Multiverse, similarly flips the misconception that all apprenticeships are only for plumbers and builders.

You [can be] a software engineer, I’m doing Business Administration in my dream role, and there’s so many other apprenticeships out there that I feel young people haven’t been offered the opportunity to do.”

An apprenticeship is not just a mundane office job

Preeti feels that with the opportunities she’s had on her apprenticeship have changed her life:

“I’ve had so many opportunities in the last few months and met so many great people. I’ve learned to become an asset by helping others – giving and not taking – and I really believe that if you focus on something and put your mind to it then success becomes inevitable.”

You don’t have to go to uni to have a thriving social life

While all her friends were applying to uni, Devina chose an apprenticeship to get onto the career ladder, sooner rather than later. She took part in Apprentice Nation training to support her applications and boost her confidence. Now as an Apprentice Customer Services Advisor at Openreach, she recognises how she has grown in confidence and learned many new skills.

“It’s such a big misconception that you don’t get to socialise if you choose an apprenticeship over uni. Whilst you’re working, you obviously have a bunch of people around you, even online. When you’re learning, it’s like you’re back in school but being paid for it!”

Any job is for anyone, no matter what gender or where you are from

Amrita found that being a Network Build Apprentice at BT allowed her to kick-start her career – helping her to overcome her social anxiety, gain life skills, grow her network, and complete her qualifications without any university debt.

“I am a real advocate for diversity and inclusion within the workplace. I used to have the mindset that engineering was a ‘man’s job’, but now look, I’m a female engineer within a global business! I now realise that if you want to, you can – there are no limits to what you can achieve, and apprenticeships are just the starting point for your success. Any job is for anyone, no matter what gender or where you are from.”

Preeti, Annabel & Devina’s Soundtrack for Shaping Your Future 💥 

Whether pursuing an apprenticeship or not, behind every career-shaping move is a motivational track. Top up your playlists, get your headphones in, and keep hustling with Preeti, Annabel and Devina’s picks:

Join us at live events this week as we demystify apprenticeships, the music industry, and wellbeing. Plus, get more guidance for your career journey on the Apprentice Nation Training Hub.

*Survey of 500 respondents aged between 16-24-years old from low-income households was conducted by OnePoll between 29/01/2021 – 05/02/2021 on behalf of Apprentice Nation, supported by BT.