Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend to an upcoming webinar and both of you can earn 30 extra credits to use on rewards. Simply enter the referrer’s name and email on the registration form to participate. Easy!

In order to claim these credits, just make sure you both attend and complete the reactionnaire feedback form at the end of the session. NB You must have also signed up on the Apprentice Nation website (JOIN here) in order to get these credits.

Credits may take up to a week to appear in your account and only 3 referrals will be counted per user for each webinar. See full terms and conditions here

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Refer a Friend referral (“referral”) will run from 20 May 2021 for an initial period of 1 month but may be withdrawn, amended or extended, at any time and without notice.
  2. To be eligible for participation in the referral you must be a resident in the UK and be aged 16-24.
  3. To enter the referral, you must follow the instructions on the event registration page, including entering your email address where requested. 
  4. You agree by referring a friend to our services and products through sharing your Referral with them, that you have consent from them to do so. You further agree that you shall not submit any other content than the friend referral.
  5. You may promote and share this by email or via various social media platforms, with your friends, provided they are aged 16-24 and a UK resident (“Friend”) – for the avoidance of doubt, you cannot refer to yourself. The friend must not already be signed up to Apprentice Nation or any promotional Newsletter from Apprentice Nation.
  6. The friend referred must attend the selected live webinar session hosted on Demio and write the full name and email of the person who did the referring as it would appear on their Apprentice Nation dashboard when registering to the session. Apprentice Nation will verify this information before processing the request to claim credits. The friend must then watch the selected  live webinar session hosted on Demio and fill in the reactionnaire in order for them to claim 30 credits. The person who referred the live webinar session must also watch the selected live webinar session and fill the reactionnaire in order to claim the bonus referral 30 credits for themselves. In order to receive credits, the participant must sign up to the Apprentice Nation program. 
  7. Watching the webinar replay session on catch up will not count, and the request will be invalid.
  8. The confirmation of the 30 credits may take one working week before the credits will be accredited to your account. 
  9. Apprentice Nation reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to decide the final outcome for credits sent through the referral. 
  10. There is a maximum of 90 credits referred per live webinar session hosted on Demio per participant, which is equivalent to 3 friends referred per session.