Jasmine Wissart

Apprentice Nation Skills Leader, Skills Leader

I’m a Presenter specialising in Sports, Music and Food. I’m also a freelance producer for Capital and Capital XTRA and now a Skills Leader for Apprentice Nation!

My life is led by passion. The most important thing to me is to lift the vibrations of others. I love to inspire and spread joy and peace amongst all. I mostly do this through spoken word and connecting with others! 

I’d love to be stuck in a lift with FKA Twigs. Her music moves me differently. She’s so unique and completely individual, musically. She belongs in no lane, she creates her own. I aspire to be like her in that sense. Other than music, she’s also incredibly wise and speaks with a tone that makes you want to lean in. There’s a lot I’d love to learn from her, musically, spiritually and in life! 

Father Stretch by Sunday Service Choir is a song I could listen to on repeat for the next year. The song is about praising God and that’s one thing I’m going to be doing every day, for not only the next year but for the rest of my life. It’s a message that I can happily sing day in and day out. Not only that, but the production of the song is NEXT LEVEL. It’s composed by Kanye West and the singers on the track teleport me completely. Such a high-vibration song, that’s exactly what I’m about!