Tee Moyo

Content Creator / Content Producer / Presenter / Dancer

Ask Tee about; working as a freelancer in the creative industry, content creation, presenting, dancing, goal-setting, public speaking, building confidence and self-belief, and interview practice.

Industry: Creative.

Role: Content Creator, Content Producer, Presenter and Dancer.

Hey, My name is Tee, and if you follow me online, you may know me as Miss Tee Moyo.

I am a Content Creator, Content Producer, Presenter and Dancer!
I have been a content creator since I was 12,  when I made my first vlog of my family holiday.

I have my own YouTube Channel, and soon my own Podcast Show. I am all about helping young people start their content creation journey; I think young people are filled with so much talent and ideas, and sometimes they just need a listening ear or someone to help with navigation, and that is exactly what I am here for.

My expertise include:
  1. Content Creating Basic 101 – From coming up with your social media name, to what type of content you should create, to navigating the different social media platforms, I am here to support you in taking your ideas from your head onto your FYP.
  2. Goal Setting and Vision Boarding – Let’s map out where you want to go and the steps you can take to get there. Bonus points; I LOVE Canva and we can transform your vision into any aesthetic you like.
  3. Public Speaking and Presenting  – Speaking well in front of 10 people or 1000 people can be daunting, but it is something that you can train to be more confident in. I can share my tips on how to deal with; the nerves, script writing and reading, how to deliver presentations with confidence etc. I believe the ability to communicate well and confidently can open so many doors of opportunity.
  4. Confidence and Self-Belief Building – Whether it is building confidence in the classroom or confidence in the workplace, I can help break down feelings of imposter syndrome and shyness and build up self-belief, so that you can step into the best version of yourself!
  5. Interviews Practice – One thing I love is face-to-face interviews; My personality gets to shine and I get to show off all my skills, experience and achievements which I have built over time. I have learnt how to ace interviews whether online over Zoom, on an assessment day, or a 1-1 interview. I am locked and loaded on all the dos and don’ts and I love a good practice interview.
Come with your questions, concerns and ideas and I would love to play a small part in helping you get closer to your goal!

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