There is a wide range of apprenticeships offered by BT from digital to telecommunications, which means you can find a role that suits you.

One of BT’s apprentices, Alyshia has some insight on her experience in a BT apprenticeship and how she got to work with BT. Read all about it below.

Alyshia Ebbrell

Since starting an electrical engineering apprenticeship within BT I have loved every minute of it, as I am always learning countless skills in technology and developing my career goals with the support of my managers and coaches. It is truly an environment where you can grow and become your better self, due to all the opportunities that are available. 

The Experience

I earn money while I work, this helps me to be able to save money and do more social events compared to if I would have been at university. Learning a fault on paper is great but once I physically work through the fault with my mentor it becomes very clear on what process I need to follow. There is always someone to help out if you need it no matter if you are in different teams everyone comes together to try and solve a problem. 

There are so many benefits to apprenticeships. I meet people from all around the country at college, training or social events. We are provided with a company van, phone and laptop to keep us all connected. My day to day life is always different I never have the same job twice and it can be challenging at times but defiantly worthwhile as once you have fixed something you feel a sense of achievement. 

Different Roles

BT has so many different roles which people don’t know about, some of these include; project manager, software developer, media & TV or even sales. These all have different entry requirements but once within BT you are able to get coaches to help you take the steps needed to get your dream job. 

Application Process

To apply for BT you have to go through a series of interviews and questionnaires to see how you would cope in different scenarios, once you have passed these stages you then get a face to face interview where you will have to present a presentation. For my job role, I needed a minimum of C in GCSE Maths English and ICT but this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have these qualifications you will not get the job. 

Now that you know more about BT apprenticeships, check out all they have to offer on their website and start applying, for any other career resources you can also check out Go Far on our site.