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Accountants play a key role within any business: put simply, they’re in charge of the money. That means analysing and recording all information about a company’s finances, from how much is going in to how much is going out, and on what.


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When we talk about ‘working in sales’ we’re referencing a large variety of job types in a range of industries with varying opportunities for advancement. Complicating matters further is the fact that ‘salesy’ roles can go by different titles including account management, recruitment and business development. The common trait required for these positions is an outgoing, positive and self-starting attitude. Those who possess this can often start earning higher salaries in sales positions earlier than in other industries.

Human Resources

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How would you like to be in a role where you walk into the office and everyone says hello? You know who to go to in the company for any and every issue, and you get to be the gatekeeper to other people within your organisation so you have quite a degree of control. You get to see employees progress through all the different stages of their job life cycle too — from the excitement of a job offer to that first day, their first promotion, right through to seeing someone go off on maternity leave for their first baby, and even then maybe onto an amazing new job somewhere else.It’s a role where you see someone’s whole journey and you get to see people you really care about succeed.


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There are so many careers to choose from in healthcare. E.g. dentistry, veterinary medicine or medical research. Choosing medicine as a career is incredibly popular, but you’ll be choosing a lifestyle rather than just a job. Make sure it’s right for you before committing to five or more years at medical school.

Software Development

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Software development is a booming career sector – in this increasingly digital age, practically every company now has a team of software engineers working away to build and maintain the technology behind every app, website or programme that enables a company to interact with their customers, provide them with a service and/or process their purchases/activities.

Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is an exciting and fast-growing industry that requires creative flare but also a keen analytical eye. Mastering your personal Instagram or Snapchat account is a start, but there’s a range of skills required when the aims are commercial.

Data Analytics

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Data science is one of the fastest growing job functions out there at the moment: as technological solutions to help businesses grow, reach new customers, optimise their operations and assess performance become increasingly sophisticated, the demand for professionals who can interpret results and track improvements is growing exponentially too.

Project Management

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Project Management is at the heart of driving business change – think automation, artificial intelligence, internet of things, ground-breaking construction, innovation – when changes happen, project management is the vehicle to drive it. Mastering your personal priorities, working with others to make them happen is a start, but there’s a range of skills required when the project aims are complex.


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Lawyers are involved in almost all aspects of people’s lives. Wherever people are doing business, disputing their rights or choosing somewhere to live or work, there’s the potential for legal involvement.

Arts & Creative

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From careers in film, music, writing, theatre – there are plenty to choose from!


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A career in the media sounds glamorous, but what does it really involve? There are a number of different disciplines in this industry, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for you before you make a decision. Various roles such as Journalist, Editor, Sub-editors, Photographer, Designer, Runner, researcher or producer, Technical staff, Copywriter, Presenters

Construction & Property

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Construction jobs involve more than just what you see on a building site. There is a huge range of career choices in the industry. These involve designing, planning and project management, as well as doing the hands-on, practical work.

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What is an apprenticeship?

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To get the career you want, it’s important to set yourself up for success. We’ve picked a selection of our blog posts that we think may help on your way.


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Myth Busting


The minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.90 per hour, but many employers pay more than this. In fact, some Higher Apprenticeships can pay as much as £500 per week. However, more than just earning a salary, you will receive training in the skills employers want, increasing your future earning potential. Apprentices receive marked salary increases on completion of their training and the roles often offer great opportunities for career progression.


While it is widely acknowledged that full-time education, such as college, sixth form or university is a proven route into employment, this route does not always offer the valuable work experience that an Apprenticeship can offer and there’s still no guarantee of a job at the end. Apprenticeships allow you to earn while you learn, and give you the opportunity to develop the skills employers really want, including specific skills relating to your job, their company and your sector.


If you are aged 16 or over and not in full time education, then you are eligible to start an Apprenticeship. You can also apply for a position if you will be 16 at the commencement of the scheme.


Traineeships are aimed at giving 16-24 year-olds the opportunity to develop the skills they need to find, and succeed in, employment or progress onto an Apprenticeship. They are comprised of three main elements to prepare you for an Apprenticeship, including English and Maths, work preparation skills and a practical work placement with a local employer. Traineeships are unpaid (however travel expenses and costs of meals may be reimbursed) and should be viewed as a stepping stone into work. They can last anywhere between six weeks and six months. Apprenticeships are designed to enable an individual to progress within a business over a longer period of time whilst gaining nationally recognised qualifications. An Apprenticeship is a career, not just a job. Apprenticeships are for those aged 16 or over who are not in full time education and can last anywhere between one and five years.


Apprenticeships offer degree and master’s degree level apprenticeships (level 6 & level 7) which allow you to progress your career past university with work and studies merged into one program.

BT Apprenticeship Hub

At BT, an apprenticeship is the first step to a great career.

It’s a blend of learning and working in which you’ll experience different aspects of the business, make new connections, build up your skills and fulfil your potential. There’s a wide range of apprenticeships to choose from. Challenge yourself and step up.

BT offer apprenticeships in Business Management, Customer Service, Cyber Security, Digital, Engineering, Finance, HR, Improvement, Infrastructure, Learning & Development, Networks, Project Management, Sales, Software Engineering, Supply Chain and Telecoms.

BT have offices based across the United Kingdom including Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Ipswich, London, Newcastle, Reading, Sheffield and Truro.

Starting salaries of £16,179 plus tonnes of great perks including free broadband, reduced cost BT TV and BT Sport, study leave for professional exams, 22 days holiday (plus bank holidays) and 3 days paid volunteering leave!

Wanting a supportive network? Their people connect through their people networks. Everyone can join their gender equality, ethnicity, LGBT+, ability, faith and carers networks.

What Is An Apprenticeship?

Meet BT Apprentices

The Application Process

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We’ve brought together a collection of companies that are an excellent place to start your search for the career that’s right for you.

Click on the links below to discover more about who they are, what they do and how they can help you.

National Apprenticeship Service

Get My First Job


Not Going To Uni

Movement to Work


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There are four types or levels of apprenticeships available in England, for over 1,500 job roles!

Our partner, BT has a huge number of roles on offer (from marketing to finance) and there are so many more out there. Check out WhiteHat who has roles on offer with the likes of Facebook, UKTV, Foxtons and Google.

What is an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a form of education, much like university, sixth form and college but with a twist. Rather than being in full-time education, you’re in part-time and you get paid to earn whilst you learn. At Apprentice Nation it’s all about landing a career you love, and with an apprenticeship that becomes so much easier. You’ll get the chance to get experience in a field that you care about and also finish the course with a qualification in that field.

BT Roles

BT offer a range of apprenticeships, so there is something for everyone. BT offers everything from a 15 month, Level 2 apprenticeship in customer service to four year Level 6 degree apprenticeship in technology. They even offer some level 7 programmes in finance. The sky is really the limit! All BT apprenticeships are nationally recognised and some include professional qualifications.

BT apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16, although you’ll need to make sure you meet the academic entry requirements. These vary by scheme. You can find out more by checking out the links below.

Business Management

Customer Service

Cyber Security




Human Resources

Learning and Development

Project Management

Sales and Marketing

Supply Chain


White Hat

White Hat works with the best employers to build a high quality apprenticeship for you. White Hat wants you to realise your full potential and an apprenticeship should only be the first step in a successful career. WhiteHat will be at your side throughout your career journey, offering you plenty of options – including going to university, if that best meets your needs. Once you subscribe to the WhiteHat service you’ll get a number of benefits, from career advice and access to our online training modules, to the development of a great network of like-minded ambitious apprentices.

Find an apprenticeship with WhiteHat

Government Apprentice Hub

Check out the Government website for a full list of Apprenticeships currently being advertised.

Find an apprenticeship with www.apprenticeships.gov.uk

Not Going To Uni

“Not Going To Uni are the UK’s leading website dedicated to helping school & college leavers make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of the traditional university route. These can include apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, gap years, traineeships and jobs. We work with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Mercedes, Google, Facebook and many more… as well as local companies. We believe in allowing young people the best opportunities to ensure they have a great career in something they want to do!”

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