Young people learning about apprenticeships and networking on an Action Day

Action Days: Land a Career You Love

Action Days are here to get you better prepared for a job, but also help you land a career you love through apprenticeships.

So what is an Action Day?

Apprentice Nation presents a series of Action Days across the UK. This time we’re in Manchester! Each Action Day lasts about 4 hours and gives you all you need to know about apprenticeships and more in a few workshops plus Q&A’s with apprentices from some of the top companies in the UK.

Network: Talk to local business experts, meet current apprentices and gain insights on how to land the job you love.

Get Advice: Get advice on how to build your brand and stand out in interviews.

Social Action: Deliver a social action project as part of a team and make a positive difference

Young people getting active whilst learning about apprenticeships.

When your Action Day is finished, you will know what you need to know about apprenticeships as best-in-class platform providers and business leaders will be there too. This helps deliver a shared understanding of the resources and opportunities that can help kickstart and develop careers.

This is also the perfect time to practice your networking skills, ask a ton of questions and to get advice on how to make your personal brand stand out.

Entrepreneurs and brand heavyweights will be there on hand to help figure out the best next steps to take on YOUR career journey.

Then you finish an amazing day off with a ticket to an exclusive concert that YOU earned by taking that extra step.

What’s to lose?

Young people getting involved in social action and painting a community wall.

Get Active in Local Communities

The day kicks off with some social action. This is an opportunity for your small actions to make a big change. You’ll be helping a charity or community project, where numbers make all the difference, so don’t forget to show up. And don’t worry. It’s never anything too challenging. 

Why we do this?

Firstly, it brings everyone together.  And that makes the gig come alive. Everyone’s gone through the same experience, and everyone’s earned their ticket and the right to celebrate.  But there’s also career aspect to this. Interviewees are 10% more likely to be successful if they’ve taken part in social action. That means you’re going to be 10% more likely to land a job you want but also far closer to landing a career you love.

The next time an interviewer asks for an example of where a team came together and achieved something positive, there’s a project to fire right back at them. It works. It makes the right impression and helps stand out amongst the others.

Busting the apprenticeship myths

Once the social action project is put to bed, the career stuff starts. Nothing heavy, and it begins by busting all the myths around apprenticeships:

What kind of roles, promotion prospects, the opportunity to earn, training requirements etc.

You’ll get the answers you need to work out if apprenticeships are the right path for you.  And if it is, you’ll get access to the tools and connections to help you get ahead.

And if it’s not, no worries.  At least you know it’s not right from an informed point of view. And that, in itself, is a win…

It’s worth noting that there’s nothing being pushed here, other than helpful information. The only intended outcome is that there’s more understanding to make informed decisions about next steps and if it is a good direction, there are links to resources and contacts that can guide you.  And that’s it. 

Do an Action Day: Get a Ticket

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