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Action Day 001 is in the bag and – most importantly – the first group of participants GOT THEIR TICKET TO SEE 6LACK on 16 May live in London at Under the Bridge

Do an Action Day: Get A Ticket

One of the big surprises was that many of the awesome Action Day No.1 participants didn’t realise just how exclusive the gig with 6LACK was! So, here it is again:

Banner reinforcing the exclusive nature of the Apprentice Nation Celebration Event. Be 1 of 500 guests to hear 6LACK live

Now if that’s not an intimate gig, I don’t know what is!

Young Hackney host Action Day No.1

Young Hackney runs activities for people aged 6 – 19. They aim to help the young people of Hackney enjoy their youth and become independent and successful adults.

Do check them out if you live in the area.  They have lots going on, from sports to helping young people campaign on the issues that matter to them.  And we can attest that their welcome is warm and they’re keen to encourage young people to get involved.

Their Forest Road hub opened their doors to us, and it was the perfect location – THANK YOU.  They’ve got loads of breakout spaces and a huge sports hall. Not to mention, a few little things they needed some help getting done.

Bonding with a bit of Social Action

To get everybody going and warmed up, we spent a couple of hours on a few team projects.  One crew got an outside space ready for the summer ahead by splinter proofing some benches.  And the other crews created some murals to go on the centre’s walls to inspire future visitors.

A group of young people creating merals
One of the crews in mural making social action
A newly varnished and ready for summer outdoor bench following Action Day love
This isn’t just any old boring bench. This is a boring bench that has been lovingly sanded and varnished by Apprentice Nation Action Day participants. Their efforts have made sure the young bottoms of Hackney will remain splinter free over the summer. And the awesome people that run the centre now have one less thing to worry about this spring. That’s Social Action in action. Thank you sanders and varnishers.
A team of young people creating a wall murals
Another Action Day Crew in Mural delivery

Two hours later – new friends made – job done.

Meet Daniel Kuti – Apprentice and Digital Marketer from Google

Daniel Kuti talking about his Apprenticeship at Google
Daniel Kuti, Digital Marketer and Apprentice At Google

Next was a Q&A session with Daniel.  Daniel gave his account of why an apprenticeship was right for him and how he discovered WhiteHat and landed an apprenticeship at Google HQ. He then shared some insight on his day-to-day role.  And how the team at Google support him in getting the skills he needs to succeed and grow his experiences in areas that interest him.

After a short Q&A session, it was then onto the breakout groups.

The breakouts

Banner showing the 3 group activities at action Days: Brand you, Networking to Success, Apprenticeship Myth Busting

Three group topics, lasting 25 minutes with the teams covering each one in rotation.  These speedy, interactive sessions (hopefully) leave participants with something to mull over:

  • Are you putting the best version of you out there?
  • What advantages can LinkedIn offer when networking?
  • How can I get the Apprenticeship I want?

And that’s it – Action Day No.1 DONE!

A quick wrap up session and a feedback survey to help us sharpen our skills and you’re free to leave safe in the knowledge your ticket to see 6LACK is in the bag (or your inbox to be a bit more accurate).

Departure was happily delayed this time through the delivery of pizzas.  Which was great as we got to know everyone that little bit more before seeing them again at the gig.

Time to lift the lid on Apprenticeships

Finding the right career path is tough. But one thing that makes it easier is knowing what all the different paths have to offer.  And we think that not enough people are confident about what modern apprenticeships have to offer.  Especially when you have companies like Google, Facebook and Universal all heavily investing in apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprentice Nation invites you to take a fresh look at Apprenticeships. Check out the Go Far section of our website and discover some helpful links to resources and companies that are there to support your apprenticeships journey.


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