Get Ready to Unlock Your Potential with Lucozade

We’re quite excited to announce that Lucozade is joining the Apprentice Nation family, alongside lead partner BT.

The iconic British soft drinks brand is bringing all their energy to the party with brand new content to support 16-24 year-olds to unlock their potential. They’re also bringing exciting new rewards and mentor opportunities. Watch this space!

Anyone getting involved has the opportunity to grab some of that energy for themselves; developing a growth mindset to help you to shape your future – the way you want.

Unlock Your Potential explores important topics such as Boost your Confidence – Own it!, Discover your Purpose and the Power of Great Communication featuring Apprentice Nation artists such as Ghetts, Young T and Bugsey, Ray BLK, IAMDDB and many more; all sharing their stories and motivational tips to inspire future leaders.

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It’s time to turn that untapped energy into endless opportunity.

How do you Unlock Your Potential?


Unlock your potential by being fearless and not being afraid of making mistakes. Don’t worry about what other people have to say. Just enjoy the journey.

Suprina Thapa, Apprentice Nation Skills Leader:

“I unlocked my potential when I let go of my ego when networking. I used to be so nervous to approach people and even speak to them because I didn’t wanna come across as a beg, but I realised what’s the worst that can happen And generally, people love to network, and love to build relationships within the industry and now I have so many great friends that help me – I help them , it’s just really beneficial. So I would definitely say go for it – it’s definitely not as daunting as you think.

Vicky Morgan, Head of Consumer Insights, Lucozade:

“I unlocked my potential by realising that my passion in life was creativity and combining this with the subject I was good at at school, which was English. By a lot of sheer determination, persistence, and grit, applying for a lot of industrial placements, I followed that passion and managed to get a year in marketing…I got to that realisation by trying lots of different subjects at school…My advice would be to keep pursuing, keep applying and don’t be afraid of rejection.”

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