T-Levels, apprenticeships, internships, Kickstart, work experience…the amount of career decisions on your journey can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are some great resources out there to help you filter out the noise and carve out your own path.

Jumping into the unknown

So your friends are all going to uni and you’ve got your heart set on something else. Maybe you’re not sure what your thing is yet (so how would I start looking?). Or, maybe your future feels like a big black hole, but you know you’ve got to jump into it at some point. 

You don’t have to dive in all on your own.

There’s loads of information out there to help you on your journey. Some resources are great to share with your mum or dad, friends and family too. From our Youth Insights Survey, we know that nearly half of you look to them for inspiration, so why not get them involved in your research?

The even better news? We’ve filtered it to bring you the go-to sites to huddle round and discuss with your nearest and dearest. Feel more confident in your career decisions using these 5 sites.

1. Youth Employment UK

Grab some encouragement for those big career decisions with Youth Employment UK’s advice for parents. You can also boost your life and work skills by signing up for free Young Professionals Training.

2. CareerMap

CareerMap has a dedicated page to answer any questions around going into work, wherever you are in your journey. You can also share CareerMag with family or friends so they can help be your biggest cheerleader along the way.

3. Creative Lives in Progress

With expert insights, inspiring stories, an opportunities board, workshops and events – there’s plenty to dig into if you’re considering a career in the creative industries. Get started with these links:

4. Small Green Shoots

Set yourself up for long-term success in the music and creative industries with Small Green Shoots, who provide access to paid classroom learning, internships, mentorship, and creative grants.

5. Movement to Work

Get that one thing employers love- work experience! Movement to Work highlight loads of easy to secure opportunities and will guide you through every step of the way.

And of course, there’s tons to scroll through at Apprentice Nation from all our artists and industry insiders. Make sure you’re signed up to our Go Far newsletter for all the latest insights and opportunities.

We also run a mentor programme at Apprentice Nation – check out the great people and industries they work in here.   

Malik heard about Apprentice Nation from a family member:

‘I thought I’d give Apprentice Nation a shot as it was related to music. I didn’t realise that I would get so much out of it.’ 

Devina took the leap into a career she loves with encouragement from family:

‘My friends were all going to uni but then my dad mentioned that an apprenticeship could be a good idea for me. He wished he’d done one himself!’