Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions

Looking for inspiration from an industry expert? Want to grow your network? Or maybe practice your interview skills?

Book a 30-minute 1-1 session as a member of Apprentice Nation for just 20 credits (reimbursed automatically!). Scroll to find out how to book and who you can meet.

Available Mentors

How to book a Mentor Session

1 – Choose a Mentor

Have a browse through mentors and their stories below.

2 – Choose between:

Hear the Story – Get inspired to Shape your Future! Hear your Mentor’s story, ask all your questions and get personalised advice to Go Far.

Interview 101 – Have a go at answering some common interview questions and get some expert, industry-specific feedback and advice. Get your interview technique DOWN!

3 – Click the button below to unlock:

A member of the Apprentice Nation team will be in touch to arrange your session. Keep an eye on your emails!
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