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Featuring some of the greatest sounds, from the greatest artists, Ghetts, Young T & Bugsey, Ray BLK, and IAMDDB, along with some personal stories and advice to help you shape your future.

The concert kicked off with Young T & Bugsey performing Don’t Rush. One of the biggest hip-hop duos in the UK right now, they have capped a phenomenal year with three BRIT nominations.

Bugsey also shared his advice to shape a successful career:

Try a lot of things. Don’t limit yourself. Life is a long, long journey.

Next up, South East London native Ray BLK with a stunning version of Lovesick. Joined by her live band, the camera work showed them off a’plenty with immersive overhead shots. Then, her rendition of My Hood, set our hearts on fire. Her message to young people? 

I never let my surroundings and my circumstances hold me back. I think it’s very easy to doubt and feel like it’s impossible that you can reach your goals when everyone around you isn’t doing that, or you don’t even see yourself represented. But I always try and never let my surroundings dictate my future.

IAMDDB delivered fierce performances of ‘Wa’hum’ and ‘Pause’, with visual play in the mirrored camera effects and overhead shots; she radiated pure class, truth and honesty. Here’s her advice for anyone considering a career in the music industry:

Be grateful for everything that didn’t go to plan, because it’s gonna grow you, your character, your depth of plan. And don’t be afraid when people decline you or your music or your artistry. It’s just another chance for you to figure out the right way to do things … Failing is just another way of understanding how not to do it so you get closer to mastering your craft. The no’s and the rejection really build thick skin. And that’s what you need in this industry – thick skin. If you haven’t got that you’ll get swallowed up and you don’t want to get swallowed up.

Last in the line up, but certainly not least, was an artist who rarely needs an introduction. Bounding off the high of rave reviews of his latest album, Conflict of Interest, Ghetts took to the Apprentice Nation stage last night to perform new tunes Hop Out and Fire & Brimstone.

Ghetts interviewed by Yinka Bokinni

On having faith in yourself, Ghetts said:

My advice would be to believe in your individuality – there’s a powerful sauce in that alone. It can feel very strange when you’re young and you don’t fit into the status quo of what’s cool, and that can feel very frightening – but that’s also a powerful place to be and you just don’t know it yet. It’s people like that that normally change the world. Them that create new ways of talking or a whole new way of dressing or talking or way to spit and sing, you know what I’m saying?

We also heard from Apprentice Nation participants Jonas and Emmanuella who reminded us that by taking part:

You can get free stuff and you can also help yourself in the future, in the long term.

Apprentice Nation Skills Trainer Amani highlighted the great rewards and amazing content that’s coming up over the next six weeks and the on-demand videos that you can watch now.

For more juice from the artists, look out for Amani’s interview with Ghetts, as the artist lays his soul bare about what it takes to stay out of prison, plus Ray BLK giving out some financial tips and IAMDDB showing us how to meditate and stay chilled.

You can catch up with all the artists in the Apprentice Nation Skills Hub, so whilst that might be the end of the show, it’s just the start of the journey.

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