Knowing your purpose means knowing what drives you. It’s the fire in your belly that gets you up and out the door. Fuel in the rocket to Go Far. 

Wondering how you could explore your purpose? Time to get creative. Read on to see what we’ve been up to in the Youth Advisors Network.

Elisabeta explored how envy plays into purpose, through her painting. She says:

“I think social media has really brought out the jealousy people have for others and that is something, although unfortunate, that interests me.”

Tapiwa’s purpose sings loud and clear in her song:

“I guess when you ask me what my purpose is, it’s to make a change, brighten someone’s day, to help somebody heal.”

Check out Tapiwa’s full song here.

Denise shared the story of how her purpose has evolved over her lifetime – from athletic aspirations to entrepreneurial ones. Read her full story here.

Artist, Syan, has been developing her purpose over the past year of lockdowns. What started as a hobby has grown into a side-business. Syan shared her journey through moodboards.

Feeling inspired? What’s your purpose?

Choose a purpose that you’d like to explore. Choose a medium e.g. playlist, poem, music track, creative writing etc. And have fun with it.

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