AN Youth Advisors Network - Registration
Register your interest now, in advance of the Autumn 2021 season! There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to building your career. It takes trial and error, pushing your boundaries, and a good group of inspiring people around you. The Youth Advisors Network is where we come together as young creatives and future-shapers, at the beginnings of our journeys, to share, collaborate, step outside of our comfort zones, and grow together in a safe space.

We’ll meet in regular creative workshops where we’ll share experiences, challenges and successes, and support each other as we grow on our career and life journeys.

- Meet like-minded young creatives on similar journeys - network and collaborate in a safe space - Build your confidence and push your creative limits to discover your best self - Join creative, collaborative workshops to get you inspired - Get invited to behind-the-scenes opportunities at Apprentice Nation - Share your views and experiences to truly shape the future of Apprentice Nation  
To join the Youth Advisors Network, you must be between 16-25 years old.
Content from the Youth Advisors Network (such as the topics discussed in workshops) will be used to understand the challenges faced by people starting out in their careers, helping Apprentice Nation to improve content and services and make impact where it matters. The Youth Advisors Network is for 16-25 year olds only. All participants will be anonymised in any content shared, unless you choose otherwise. No content will be shared without your explicit consent. Email and Mobile number will be stored safely and securely, will not be shared outside of Apprentice Nation, and will only be used for communication related to the Youth Advisors Network.