Get Certified

Get Certified

Get Certified

It’s Time to Get Certified!

Take your Apprentice Nation experience to the next level with Apprentice Nation Certified.

We know that Apprentice Nation users love the rewards and enjoy the gaming aspect of the platform. However, we also know that  the best thing about the platform is the opportunities provided to learn new skills, meet new people and get work experience opportunities.

With that in mind, Apprentice Nation is proud to announce that you can now get certified by the platform! All you have to do is complete the required modules within the programme and and you’ll be able to earn a certificate to show off.

Highlights of this certification

  • 1-1 Mentoring from key industry players
  • Experience of an Apprentice Nation webinar
  • Develop CV writing skills, learn techniques for successful job applications.
  • Find out about social action, the importance of learnability, resilience and more.

Apprentice Nation gets how hard you work to level up your skills and want to recognise your dedication so that you can share it with your family, friends, teachers, employers and more! So, get started now!


What does ‘Certified by Apprentice Nation’ mean?

Apprentice Nation wants to recognise all the hard work that members put in on the Skills Hub towards their career. Completing content, attending webinars and meeting with mentors are big steps towards getting ahead in your career, not to mention the skills learned on the way. Apprentice Nation will be awarding certificates to members that complete the required modules.

What are the required modules to receive certification?

The steps you need to take to receive certification are listed below.

  1. Complete all of the content within this programme including 10 videos we’ve highlighted for you throughout each session page.
  2. Complete 5 videos of your own choice in the Skills Hub
  3. Attend a mentor session
  4. Attend a webinar

How do I get my certificate?

If you have completed the required modules, you will automatically be awarded your digital certificate. You can print this as required, maybe put it in a frame on your wall!

How long will it take?

You can go at your own pace. There are 2 and a half hours of content, plus your mentor session to complete.

What do I get?

As well as a fantastic feeling of pride, you’ll get a digital certificate delivered to your inbox which you can print as required. You’ll also be featured on our list of certified members / hall of fame.

Can I tell my college / employer?

Yes! Receiving Apprentice Nation certification  shows commitment and is a big personal achievement. We encourage you to share your news far and wide.

Is this certificate recognised by an official education body?

Apprentice Nation certification is not currently recognised by educational bodies but watch this space!