Mentor Spotlight: Getting comfortable with being vulnerable

We all reach dead ends sometimes; those moments where we feel a bit lost and can’t seem to find our direction.

One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard to get yourself out of a rut is to ‘keep learning’. 

Those are the words of Kema Davies, UK Early Careers Recruiter at Microsoft.

From her own experience, she knows it can be really tough to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, it takes vulnerability in allowing someone else to give you a little nudge to help turn things around. 

Luckily, Kema has some sound advice on how to do this.

She shared exclusive insights into her own career journey during a mentor session with Millie, HR Solutions Apprentice at Multiverse. Being in the same industry, they had lots to talk about, but whatever role you’re in or hoping to get into, Kema’s message is clear: 

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Continuing to learn can help to build self-confidence, giving you an opportunity to reflect on your achievements.

Kema’s top tips for stepping out of your comfort zone and progressing in your career:

  • Keep looking for opportunities to learn. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen.
  • If you ever aspire to do something and there is some training you can do, go and do it! I changed direction from accounting to HR and I’m so glad I got the training I needed, even though it was hard work.
  • There’s always a better or different way to do something and people around you to learn from. That’s why I think apprenticeships are great.
  • Read Mindset by Carol Dweck. It’s fantastic for re-setting how you think about yourself and your journey. Nobody is born smarter than anyone else. It’s all about developing a love of continual learning. 
  • If someone suggests that you do something that puts the fear of God into you, go and do it anyway! You might not do it perfectly but you’ll have people around you who will share feedback and then you can keep learning.
  • Go out and say yes to opportunities.
  • Whatever you want to do, go and speak to the person that is doing it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. If they say no, you can always find someone else.
  • Don’t ever be afraid of change. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

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