We’re through to the other side of a big week;  A-Level, BTEC, and GCSE results are in hand, and now we’re on to the real exciting stuff. Congrats! Whether it’s taking a year out, getting some work experience, or securing a place at university or in an apprenticeship – it needs no mention how big those decisions feel – especially after the year we’ve experienced. 

You’re probably hearing left and right what you should be doing, reading, planning for, and more. While we’re all for shaping your future – information overload is a real thing!

So let’s switch it up. Why not grab a cold drink, put your favourite song on (if you’re asking: Good Hearts by Ghetts), and soak up some encouragement from Apprentice Nation Mentors and Artists. Sometimes, all you need is some affirmation  – and this time it’s coming from your favourite artists like Young T & Bugsey, Ray BLK and Ms Banks – who have all carved their own inspirational paths to success.

My results didn’t turn out how I wanted. Will this affect my long term goals?

“No one cares what anyone did before, we doing today!”

Rahul Patel, Apprentice Nation Mentor and Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google:
“Results don’t define who you are, it’s what you do with them or how you apply them that determines your future.”

“Be grateful for everything that didn’t go to plan, because it’s gonna grow you, your character, your depth of plan and don’t be afraid when people decline you or your music or your artistry. It’s just another chance for you to figure out the right way to do things .. People at the top have failed numerous times. Failing is just another way of understanding how not to do it so you get closer to mastering your craft. “

Pete Jeavons, Apprentice Nation Mentor and Marketing Communications Director for BT, EE & Plusnet:
Being successful isn’t always about having the best grades or being the smartest in the room. You still have your whole future ahead of you with lots of time and opportunities to build and develop new skills, whatever your results may be. It’s what you do next that counts. There are always new ways to shape your future – getting involved with Apprentice Nation being one of them!

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. It feels like all my friends at results day knew what they’re doing.

That’s completely normal, Bugsey says:
“You won’t know what you really, really love until you go and give it your all.”

Ray BLK:
“Don’t think about who you want to be in twenty-years from now. A lot of people change their careers, and how they get to their end career goes down a bendy path. Don’t be afraid to go after something you like or something you’re interested in right now; it could grow into something else or lead you down another path. Find something you like, that inspires you, and go from there.”

“You don’t need to think of the bigger picture; start with something small and create your own path if doors are closed to you. “

How do I know I’m making the right decisions after results day?

“Sometimes you’ve got to go through different things, different paths, and you feel like that’s not right for me. You don’t always get it right the first time, but don’t be discouraged. That’s how it goes.”

“Try a lot of things, don’t limit yourself or think there’s just one thing you can do. There are a lot of things you can try out to find your way. Life is a long long journey. You can definitely have a couple of stumbles and then get back up. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

And it’s okay to get it wrong. IAMDDB says:
“I went to university for an hour. 60 minutes and I left, because I knew that was not for me”

I made it through exams and results but I’m nervous for what’s next – I want to be successful.

Ms Banks:
“Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself.”

“And set a lot of intentions. I feel like it’s important, no matter what you do to always set intentions. Intentions are so powerful, it’s like you’re directing how the outcome is going to be before you actually receive the outcome.”

After you’ve celebrated the end of this chapter and given yourself some time to rest up, check out the Apprentice Nation Skills Hub to Shape Your Future and book in a chat with Mentors like Rahul and Pete above.

It’s show time.