Sarah Smart


Ask Sarah about brand management and marketing, new product development and launch plans, cross-functional career moves and flexible working after having children. Role: Senior Brand Manager, Ribena

Senior Brand Manager, Ribena.

Industry: Marketing | Food & Drink

Sarah is currently Senior Brand Manager on Ribena, a part of the Suntory network, responsible for a portfolio of products on one of Britain’s well-loved brands.  She develops the strategy of how to communicate and grow the brand, works across the business with the Sales and Research & Development teams to launch new products and develop new ones, and creates amazing ideas to bring to life with the help of advertising, PR and media agencies. Whenever you see a Ribena bottle on shelf or a Ribena ad on a billboard, Sarah has been involved!

Prior to working on Ribena, Sarah has worked on Lucozade, creating TV ads, partnering with ITV and Love Island and launching new flavours and pack designs. She has also worked outside marketing in commercial and data roles, and loves to talk about what a strength it is to develop a cross-functional ‘lattice’ career. A strong believer that a company is only as good as how it treats its people, Sarah has been involved in many projects from mentoring to setting up the first business choir in Suntory UK.

In her spare time, Sarah is a mum to two lively young kids and spends most of her time running around after them. When she does have a moment, she loves to read, especially to expand her knowledge on gender and race equality challenges, and the psychology of children. She is passionate about improving the position of working parents, especially mothers, and the childcare system in the UK – follow the amazing Pregnant then Screwed charity for more on how to support. She also loves to bake cakes!


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