AJ Tracey on Making the Most of Opportunities to Shape Your Future

Being a part of the Apprentice Nation community means having access to THE BEST future-shaping opportunities. 

Hands down, these are some of the most exciting ways to grow your network, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and treat yourself, too! Rapper and musician AJ Tracey knows it’s always best to take advantage of what’s on offer : 

Making most of opportunities that come up now as don’t know what’s going to happen” – AJ Tracey

Part of getting back on track post Covid means taking time to reflect as well as looking ahead to the future with clear goals. AJ Tracey shared during his interview “I took the little things for granted – like going out and spending time with my friends”.

Here’s What Went Down This Autumn

In the spirit of AJ, we reflect on what Autumn had in store for the community. The past month has been filled with gigs, events, special rewards, and exclusive opportunities. It’s been exciting to say the least. 

Starting with the Apprentice Nation gig at Under the Bridge, London. 

Hosted by Henrie Kwushue, the stage was graced with legends AJ Tracey, Mae Muller, and Ivorian Doll. A few  members of the Apprentice Nation community in London were treated to a behind the scenes look at  the filming. 
Youth Advisors La-Tajah and Aqsa, both in their final year of school, were a part of the action, talking about their Apprentice Nation journey on camera with Henrie.

Others like Gabriella, Multiverse apprentice at Publicis Media, enjoyed getting up close and personal with the artists. She reflected on her favourite part about being there in person:

Definitely watching AJ Tracey’s interview! He is a very inspiring individual, who has been through a lot before becoming an artist. I cannot believe he completed one year of uni, but proved it was okay to drop out and pursue his passion. His performance was obviously amazing too!

Want to catch some of the magic for yourself? Watch the highlights below and keep an eye on the next gig coming to your area!

Ringside With Anthony Joshua

Apprentice Nation partners Lucozade brought another AJ into the ring with a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk fight in October. Two lucky members were rewarded for their hard work on the Skills Hub with a pair of tickets.

Bipasha shared about her experience: 

I found out about Apprentice Nation through a friend and social media, it was truly an amazing experience I’ll never forget! Since I’m a huge fan of AJ, my favourite part was seeing him fight in the flesh, it was ecstatic! I loved every single moment!

Skills Fest

Members had another opportunity to come together for the very first Skills Fest taking place in London. Skills Leaders guided us through building our confidence, exploring career options, practicing our interview skills as well as mindfulness. All in the iconic BT Tower. Yep, the views were pretty incredible!

Credit-Earning Opportunities!

Online, the energy has been matched with live webinars weekly and plenty of new content on the Skills Hub featuring AJ Tracey, Mae Muller, and Ivorian Doll. 

As we reflect on taking up opportunities in front of us, here are some to take advantage of right now.  Check out the Skills Hub and pick up some credits to go towards any of the following: