Big up Apprentice Nation doing loads of positive things.”

Headie One

What an incredible show! Headie One’s performance at the Clapham Grand gig premiered online last night. Not only was he performing his big hits including ‘Both’ and ‘Ain’t It Different’, he also talked about his career journey to date and how he keeps his life on track. More on that below.

Of course, Headie wasn’t the only Apprentice Nation artist who took to the stage, the show also featured performances and interviews from Mercury-nominated rapper, BERWYN and rising R&B star Jaz Karis.

Host Remel London was on sparkling form, interviewing Headie One at the top of the show reminding us that even though Drake’s called him the ‘best drill artist in the world’, there’s still a lot more to come: “It’s definitely important to stay level-headed. It’s like <life is> a story and it hasn’t ended yet – you wanna keep the ball rolling and keep progressing to bigger and better things. Definitely man, it’s tunnel vision

Headie returned later on in the show to perform for the crowd who went wild for his performance of ‘Ain’t It Different’. He also said that if Apprentice Nation was around when he was younger, he’d have been able to “make a few wiser decisions in life a bit sooner.” 

You heard it here first – get involved and take those wise next steps!

Yes, that’s right. The Apprentice Nation crew were out in full force, filming the Autumn 2022 concert and capturing all the vibes on camera. 

BERWYN really warmed the crowd up with versions of Trap Phone, 017 Freestyle and MIA. Chatting to Remel, he said:
It’s blind faith innit? The times when it seems most unlikely <that you’ll succeed> is the time you need to believe the most…. Music saved my life.”

R&B newcomer Jaz Karis, set the scene with her soulful vocals, accompanied by guitarist Alex Blake and performing tracks Summer In The Ends, Soweto Blues and Good To Me before closing with Petty Lover. She spoke to Remel about what it’s like being a woman in the music industry:

As a woman I’ve had a very good experience but I’ve definitely noticed being a woman! It’s very important to still make your voice be heard even if you think you’re sounding like you’re being difficult – and you’re not, you’re just doing your job. Remember it’s business first.”

Alongside all the artist performances and insights, Remel also caught up with Apprentice Nation Skills Leader, Louis, to talk about the latest rewards and how to claim them, plus Apprentice Nation members Alicjia and Simran talked about their experiences and how much they got out of meeting previous Apprentice Nation artists in the ‘Meet and Greet’ reward. Hear what they had to say first-hand by checking out the whole show RIGHT HERE.

But for now, we’ll leave the final word to Headie One:

“It wasn’t really an option for me <to give in>  I’m trying to grow out of something and grow bigger and better – you just gotta stay strong and keep moving forward. Keep focussing.”