Top tips for shaping your own path to success

Pursuing what you love can feel like entering a destination on Maps, for it to come back with no clear route.

While finding the right way to your destination on your own may be daunting and take time, once you’ve arrived that route becomes familiar. You remember where the road gets bumpy, or where you should’ve taken a left turn instead of a right.

Devina, Ayesha, Callum, and Preeti have all been there.

Whether you’re applying to your dream role, pursuing your creative talent, or eager to develop your skills; they have some honest tips to help make that path to success a lot clearer.

Your positivity and unique mindset is what makes you stand out

While all her friends were applying to uni, Devina chose an apprenticeship to get onto the career ladder, sooner rather than later.

“I didn’t get as much support from school as the rest of my year group who were filling in UCAS forms and it was quite a challenge, taking a different path to my peers, but I just tried my best to focus on what I wanted to do.”

As a current Apprentice Customer Services Advisor at Openreach, Devina has realised that showing her positivity and unique perspective in interviews helped her land the role.

“My top tip for applying to an apprenticeship… is to be really positive and mindful, especially when it comes to interviews because the majority of the time employers want someone who brings something new to the table. Someone who’s willing to learn constantly.”

Make the most of opportunities around you

Ayesha is a media student at the Global Academy, pursuing her talents as a photographer. Her top tip for starting out as a creative and building your brand is to reach out to people and offer your help.

“For example, for my school play I offered to take the pictures. If you have any local concerts you can offer to take pictures of the artists for their Instagram, offer to do anything!”

Remember, the worst they can do is say no!

“Whatever you put your mind to, you’ll truly create magical things”

Callum is founder of The Teenage Aspie, a YouTube channel supporting young people with Asperger’s Syndrome. Currently a media student at the Global Academy, Callum plans to apply for an apprenticeship following his course.

“Starting my YouTube channel and becoming a social media influencer has been really empowering.”

If you’re also keen to build your own social platform, here’s what Callum learned on his journey:

  • Focus on a topic you are passionate about.

  • Consistently promote your channel via social media

  • Connect and learn from others that are focusing on the same topic as you

Follow your passion. With every step you take, you get closer to your destination.

From being unsure about what he wanted to do, to now studying Natural Sciences at university, Rahsaan now sees the process of figuring out where you want to go, and what path to take as an exciting part of life.

Aware of the big decisions it takes to pave your own path to success, Rahsaan suggests not being put off by thinking your choices are definite.

“You will be unsure of what to take, just know that your actions will narrow down your path regardless of which choices you make. It’s what you prefer, what you feel more comfortable with”

Ayesha, Callum, and Rahsaan’s Soundtrack for Shaping Your Future 💥 

Having some lift-me-up tracks always makes the ride go a lot quicker! Top up your playlists, get your headphones in, and keep hustling with Ayesha, Calllum and Rahsaan’s picks:

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