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GetMyFirstJob is on a mission to connect young people with work by providing a one-stop shop for careers. Giving inspiration, information and most importantly opportunities to help make career dreams come true.

Over the past two years alone, we have matched over 60,000 young people to apprenticeship and entry-level opportunities across the UK. Our partnerships with youth organisations, employers and training providers give us the opportunity to give you information about every industry in the UK. From administration, project management and marketing to engineering, research and manufacturing.

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Not just apprenticeships

We’re not all about Apprenticeships. We know there are plenty of great options out there. It’s about finding what is perfect for you. We can help you find out about and apply to university, work placements and entry-level positions. In addition to that, we’ll also advise you on how best to start your career. We help you do this according to what industry you want to start your career in.

We work with amazing employers, colleges and training providers every day. Including MI5, Lloyds Bank, Just Eat, Unilever, Deliveroo, Sky, Dior, BPP, Kaplan and much more!

GetMyFirstJob and Apprentice Nation

We jumped at the chance to work with Apprentice Nation when we found out they’re busting myths surrounding apprenticeships. They’re making sure more people know what apprenticeships can offer. Young people are looking for the right route to start their career. However, thousands of them don’t know the great opportunities that Apprenticeships offer. This movement is an excellent opportunity for us to help change that.

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Get talent-spotted

We recognise that everyone is different – from the experienced in finding jobs to the inexperienced. That’s why employers and training providers can talent-spot you. It’s based on your industry interests and location for opportunities near you. You could be watching Netflix and the next thing you know, you have a text from a top employer for an interview!

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Get to know us better

You can find out more about us on our website or download our app on IOS, as well as discover work opportunities and start applying.

We wish you the best of luck with finding your dream apprenticeship and starting your career.

Our top tip!

Remember that an employer isn’t just hiring you for your experience or qualifications, but for YOU. So let your personality shine!

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Lifting the lid on Apprenticeships

Finding the right career path is tough. But one thing that makes it easier is knowing what all the different paths have to offer.  And we think that not enough people are confident about what modern apprenticeships have to offer.  Especially when you have companies like Google, Facebook and Universal all heavily investing in apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprentice Nation invites you to take a fresh look at Apprenticeships. Check out the Go Far section of our website and discover some helpful links to resources and companies that are there to support your apprenticeships journey.


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