Meet Araba

Meet Araba

Araba Ababio, 18, South London

Araba is a sixth form student, raising awareness about period poverty in the UK. She’s interested in a career in digital marketing, and has taken part in Apprentice Nation Mentor Sessions and the Youth Advisors Network, to network, grow her confidence and showcase her skills.


Apprentice Nation has been helpful in so many ways. Firstly, being able to hear from other young people has allowed me to realise we’re all going through a lot of struggles together, but it’s how we make comebacks and bring each other up that really matters. 

Being able to chat with a mentor through Apprentice Nation has really allowed me to understand my career path, how to be successful in job applications, and the work that I need to put in to get where I want to be. Apprentice Nation has given me so many tips and boosts to my confidence – to network and ask for advice from people in positions that I aspire to be in; even small things like ‘what to wear to an interview’ has been really helpful.

The Youth Advisors Network group sessions were a real turning point for me, as I was able to see the amazing talent of other youth advisors, and how all our different ‘superpowers’ can really change the world. I was given the opportunity to explore my creative side, meet amazing people who normally I would be shy to approach and network with and make friends. I was also able to create my own charity Instagram account @abolishperiodpoverty. Some people hold back from doing these things because it requires a lot of time and sometimes you might not be recognised. But being able to speak about something that I am passionate about has really given me the opportunity to build my confidence, showcase my design skills, and create meaningful content.

What industry or career most interests you? Where has that interest come from?

Digital Marketing. I’ve always been interested in how technology can be used in marketing and how social media platforms can have a main role in this.

In 2020, the impact of COVID made me realise that some jobs are not permanent. So it’s essential to always be developing your skills and knowledge, so that you continue to be an asset to your company, even 5 years down the line.

What challenges have you faced in shaping your future?

Due to COVID, my college was sent into lockdown twice. We missed a lot of content, and even though we were doing online classes, it’s been difficult trying to understand new content without the one-to-one, in-person communication.

The other challenge I sometimes face is imposter syndrome. There are times when I may not do something that I really want to do, because I don’t think I’m good enough or I don’t feel like I belong somewhere. Starting the @abolishperiodpoverty is an example of proving to myself that I am good enough – I just had to go for it and put my work out there.

If your lifestyle could be represented in a music artist or track, what would it be and why?

Eminem’s rapping flow. Everything feels like it goes really fast and there are occasions where I am hit with that one slow moment, and then everything goes fast again. That’s life. Sounds silly but it’s true ahaha.

Araba’s top tips to overcome imposter syndrome:

  • I remember why I want to take the specific opportunity, and what further opportunities it may bring;
  • I remind myself that I am as worthy as anyone else in the room;
  • I try to block out any negative information on social media that may bring my mood down or prevent me from doing something, by following accounts that are wholesome and empower me to do great things.

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